Room Service

Room Service – DIY is now DIYD
(Do It Yourself, with Designer)

Room Service is a DIY approach for those that want quality interiors but not exactly looking for a turnkey interior design solution. Room Service allows you to design one room at a time on your schedule and within your budget. We’ll help you to visualize the entire space and completed rooms before you purchase anything. Our team will give you access to one of a kind pieces at an affordable price. Room Service’s resources give you the extra edge to take your room from generic to custom and polished.


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Start dreaming!

If money were no object, what would you do in this room? Send in our questionnaire along with as many inspirational photos as you can, and point out exactly what you like about them. Reference specific colors or styles you like or dislike. The more specific you are, the better sense we will have of your style. We will even follow you on Pinterest.

Select your room to get started. Once we receive payment we will send you measuring instructions and a detailed questionnaire.

Take photos. Stand in each corner of the room and include furniture you want us to incorporate. Take accurate measurements. Need help with this? We can e-mail you a guide.

We will get to work analyzing your style and designing your room. We use AutoCAD to create the best, most functional floor plan. Then we source furniture, rugs, and lighting using our extensive network of vendors. We always double check that we’ve included any existing furniture you would like to keep and the we’ve really captured your style and color preferences. Finally, we create a photorealistic 3D rendering of your room with all the new furniture.

You will receive a unique log in to your own webpage for items purchased through Coddington Design. These items include window treatments, custom furniture, or showrooms where we get special discounts for you. We may ask you to order some items directly through a retailer’s website.

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