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Curbed – 12 best pink paint colors to decorate your home

Interior designer Melanie Coddington is weary of the labels we add to color. When asked about the “baby girl” association of pink, she says: “If I could wave my magic wand, we would set gender stereotypes on fire and watch them burn in the rearview mirror.”

That said, she thinks the rosy hue could be ready to shake off preconceptions. “As men continue to wear pink, I think it will gain a wider audience,” she says.

In this chic living room, she took the pink color from the tile in the Victorian fireplace surround and repeated it in the walls, sofa, and drapery and accented it with gold. The look is at once soft, stunning, and bold—perfect for the owner. “This particular client is fearless and doesn’t take herself too seriously,” Coddington says.

By Mary Jo Bowling | Photographs by Matthew Millman

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